Dividend of Democracy Via the Health Sector

Dividend of Democracy Via the Health Sector (1)

Saturday, 11 March 2017 21:43

Dividend of Democracy Via The Health Sector

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In line with the Federal Government Roll Back Malaria program and the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rate, we have
manufactured products from our NAFDAC-certified factory for the treatment and prevention of malaria.
Find below our weapons against malaria.

1. ACTIMAX (Arthemeter 40mg & Lumefantrine 240mg)1b+ Actimax suspension (Arthemeter 15mg &
Lumefantrine 90mg) produced for the first time in 3 flavours (Rasberry, Banana and Orange) in Nigeria.
2. ASTAB (Sulfadoxine 500mg & Pyrimethamine 25mg)
3. Malaria Test Kit

Treatment and prevention of malaria in children under 5years old leads to reduction in infant mortality. As such Actimax
suspension in different flavours leads to maximum treatment compliance by children.

Antenatal Micronutrient Supplementation
Anemia in pregnancy is one of the key factor responsible for maternal mortality. As such we have produced 'Pregnaid' (Carbonyl
lron 60mg, Folic acid 1.5mg, Vit.B 12 5mcg, Selenium 6mcg, Vit.E acetate 15mg) which contains iron, folic acid and
multivitamins for the reduction of anemia in pregnant women.

Deworming Program
We have Tyonex - Albendazole (Albendazole) for the first time in strawberry-flavoured chewable tablets for children.

Reduction in Post Pactum Heamorrhage
{PPH} Reduction in PPH leads to reduction in maternal mortality as such Oxytomed (Oxytocin 10iu/ml inj.) and Ergomed
(Ergometrine Maleate lnj.0.Smg/ml) have been produced for such. Misoprostol tablet manufactured by us for PPH is also

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment
Prevention campaign against HIV/AIDS via the use of Pleasure Condoms (Natural Rubber Latex)
Treatment: Production of Antiretroviral drugs and Ois are now available from our factory in Nigeria.